30 December 2005

A beginning at the end

... end of the year, that is. In a bid to stay updated somewhat journal-wise, I’m going to try out photo-blogging. I was going to wait until the first of 2006, but had some time (and inclination) tonight, so here goes. We’ve just redecorated D’s room – painted the walls sage green and laid maple laminate flooring. I’ve been wanting a sage green room forever so I am thrilled! Control-freak mom that I am, I chose what his room would look like rather than letting him pick. Come on … he’s four. And his current colours include yellow, black and purple. Uh-huh – like I was going to let him pick. Anyway, here is G hard at work jigsawing the laminate flooring. He is so yummy.

Oh, I had to document my crazy husband’s latest habit … this is how he prefers to dry the socks and plastic-backed bibs (which can’t go in the dryer – the socks because they shrink and block the vent, the bibs because they can’t be tumble-dried).

And yet … and yet, he nags at me when the house is a mess! I mean, yes, we have underfloor heating in the kitchen, and yes this dries the socks very well, but ... is this not a mess in the kitchen? Ugh.

But he’s still yummy.

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