12 January 2006

Sick of sickness!

N has been sick for 2 and a half months. It's no wonder that at almost 10 months N's still not crawling - his poor little body has enough to deal with. Nothing serious, just colds back to back since October. Yes, I've taken him to the doctor (twice) - it's just viruses one after the other, no infection. He'll just start to perk up a little and look like he's getting well and then the next one hits. The doctor says there is nothing I can do, it's just a matter of time and a healthy diet for my little one (yeah, like that's helping).

I am so tired and weepy and frustrated. We've been housebound for 2.5 months, without company. If I take him out in the cold he starts to cough. I don't want to be That Mother who takes her sick kid everywhere so everyone else can catch it. And my friends can't come over because either their kids are sick too, or else they don't want their kids to catch what Noah has. It's so unfair on my poor 4yo - he goes to preschool two days a week, the rest of the time he's stuck at home with a sick brother and a stressed Mommy.

Sorry for the pity party, just had to vent and have a little cry. I feel so helpless that there's nothing I can do for my little one. We had the worst night last night ... he was up until about 10:30, slept fitfully until 4:30, when he woke with a raging fever. We did what we could for him, and it was 5:30 before he slept again. He then slept until 1pm! D crawled into bed with me when G left for work, and fell asleep. I only woke up at 9:35, feeling so much better for the sleep, and D was up at 11.

When N woke up he was crying constantly, sooo miserable. It's so not like him, he's a little sunshine usually. It breaks my heart. He was up for just over an hour - just long enough to get changed, dosed with Calpol, have some water and a little fruit, projectile vomit it all over me, have his bottle a little later, and go back to bed. It's now 4:45pm and he's still asleep. I was very grateful to have about an hour of sleep this afternoon. D, who is also sick, was so good, playing computer games.

Only, oh, six months or so until summer!!! (Give me strength!!!)

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