19 April 2006

Crock of yum

So I bartered with Ellie for her crockpot / slow cooker and I've used it three times so far - I first did pork chops in mushroom soup (so easy and very yummy, the chops came out so tender); then I did chicken breasts in salsa (served in a warm tortilla with avocado and sour cream dip, mmm); then today I did half a lamb shoulder in lamb stock with herbs and garlic ... Oh. My. Gosh. DIVINE! The meat just fell apart it was so tender and rich, and the juices made a fabulous gravy with a little Bisto. We had roast potatoes and steamed carrots and green beans with it. MMMMMMMMM!

Thanks, Ellie! There's no looking back now, it's slow cooker all the way. I love how my kitchen smells when there is something delicious simmering, and I love having dinner ready when it's time to eat without all the fuss of cooking with tired and hungry kids whining around me. It's so much easier for me to throw something together during Noah's morning nap.

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