14 July 2006

Bed-duh-duh for me

Had a good day today. Daniel was back at preschool, the sun was shining, Tesco delivered my groceries, the plumber finished his work here (by moving the mains water tank from our wardrobe into the loft), I did a little shopping, got some design work completed, started editing Tuesday's session and relaxed some. I was so relieved that my client finally called me back and I was able to rain-check today's session so I didn't have that to deal with. All in all a good day. Oh, the "bed-duh-duh" in the title is how Noah says "beddie-byes" - it's off to bed for me in a minute.

But first, here are some pictures of our little toddler, who has all of a sudden started walking all over instead of crawling! My baby is growing up. I'm so proud of him - and as you can see, he's pretty proud of himself!

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