24 July 2006

The call of duty

Last night Grant was phoned by the office he reports to. He asked him if he was able to come on duty as they needed extra help due to the two murders from the previous night. We talked about it and agreed he'd go after we went to Asda and had supper. He's been really good about keeping his volunteer work in its place, very concerned that it doesn't affect the family and our time together.

Grant had been on duty that night, but he wasn't on either of the murder scenes (the one in those links is, incidentally, around the corner from our old house, oh my gosh I am so glad we moved!) - he was too busy running after and chasing down a drug dealer (who was resisting arrest and escaped from the police car), catching up to him as he tried to scale a fence, grabbing him and pulling him to the ground and cuffing him as his partner caught up to him! Too much excitement for me (of course, he loves it!)

Anyway, turned out that he spent the whole time on duty last night just standing around guarding a house that was supposed to be searched, while they waited for the team to arrive to do the search. He was a bit frustrated but I guess it can't always be thrills.

While he was out I painted the last of the side fence panels, painted two edging strips (the rest were in the car) and treated the deck with protector, running out of it when I still had 10 planks to go.

Today I didn't go to church with Grant and Daniel because Noah is pouring green snot and I didn't want to infect the other kids (I hate it when moms drag their sick kids everywhere, spreading their germs far and wide and making all the other kids sick). He's been sleeping for about four hours now - I even had a couple of hours' sleep. I hope he wakes up happier as he was so cranky and whingey this morning. I guess I should tidy up around here ... the house always seems to be a wreck by the end of the weekend.

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