13 July 2006

Caving under the pressure

So far today:

- I have installed last wardrobe door on Daniel’s wardrobe
- I've hung last two doors on office wall units
- I've itted shelves into office wall units and started filling them
- Plumber has installed kitchen radiator
- Plumber has fitted down-pipe outside where it was missing

The reason I haven't posted pictures of our progress is that the perfectionist in me has been asserting her authority. I didn't want to post half-done pictures, I wanted to show off the beautifully-finished projects when we're done.

But today I don't really care, so here you go - the office wall units with doors hanging skew, no handles, no cover strips or moulding (can you see the chaos that is my dining room??):

Here's the newly-fitted kitchen radiator:

And here, with no shame, is the chaos that is my living room and the other end of the dining room (I'm going insane!):

There is just no way I can conduct tomorrow's session, but I can't get hold of my client to postpone it, aaargh!! I've left a message, I just hope they get it - I'll have to ring again tonight. Cross your fingers that I reach them!

I didn't post pictures of Daniel's wardrobes because Noah is sleeping and I don't want to wake him by going up there now.

Tonight I have to do some website and business card design work and edit yesterday's session. I'm hoping to get Daniel's wardrobe doors straightened and the knobs on before the boys go to bed.

Oh! And the fabric store phoned to let me know that Noah's blind fabric is in, hooray! I'll probably go and pick that up on Saturday morning. 'Cause, you know, I have so much time to make the blind right now.

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