23 July 2006

Celebrate with me

The deck, she is finished. Complete. Hurrah! Well, except for painting and attaching the edging strip along the front of the patio area and treating the deck with protector. What a lot of hard work it's been, but so worth it, we love it. It's made such a difference already! Here are some "before" and "after" shots:

This is how the patio area looked when we viewed the house again right after putting in an offer (facing down the garden; the view from the back door)

This is how it looked shortly after moving in (facing back at the house)

After clearing some weeds and cutting the grass

After clearing out the paving slabs, bark chippings and nasty old picnic bench thing

And now, the completed patio!

The view from the back door (yeah, the yard is looking a little white-trash right now!)

Cutting off the old, rotten wood doorstep

After all the hard work in the blazing sun and heat

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