13 July 2006

Daniel's wardrobes

Ta-da! Daniel's wardrobes.

I love how they look and I love all the extra storage space!! They are Pax wardrobes from Ikea with Birkeland doors (a gorgeous soft white) and black Signera knobs. The left hand wardrobe has two hanging rails with a shelf above, and the right hand one has shelves. I need to get more plastic tubs though - all of the shelves will have them on. I have more shelves to put in too. The big tub at the bottom has Daniel's toys in it.

This is how the rest of his room currently looks (there's Daniel asleep in bed, bless him).

I still need to find the missing dinosaur shape. Actually I'm rethinking the dinosaurs - Noah keeps turning them and it aggravates Daniel and I! They have to be straight, darn it. The kid is as anal as I am.

Anyway, I'll be hanging black-framed, ivory-matted dinosaur pictures above his bed and chest of drawers, adding a black valance under the bed to hide the spare mattress, and putting five white narrow little picture ledges up the angled wall for Daniel to display his bazillion dinosaur figures on. The little toy box is empty and I'll probably use it in my studio.

The right-hand wall will have a big framed picture that Daniel drew (I scanned and enlarged it) - also black frame with ivory mat - and his Primary teacher gave him a dinosaur chart that I'll frame and hang next to the drawing. The blackboard easel will stand where the chest of drawers is now, and the chest of drawers will go into my studio.

Grant and I have worked particularly hard this week and we'll now be taking a bit of a break for a while. Well, he's working on the deck as he has to finish that before the 26th, when my studio arrives, but as far as the house is concerned we just want to get things tidy and clean and running "normally" for a bit before embarking on the next project - the bathroom.

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