13 July 2006

Don't get your panties in a wad!

I promise I'll post pictures either this evening or tomorrow morning!! Here's what we did yesterday:

- Hung four office wall units on the wall
- Installed four office wall unit doors
- Installed one wardrobe door
- Attached quarter-ply panel to kitchen wall and hung radiator
- Hung two doors on Daniel’s wardrobes
- Installed five shelves in Daniel’s wardrobes
- Plumber removed gas tap in kitchen and we moved drawer unit back into place under worktop and screwed worktop on
- Plumber fixed soil pipe

Oh, and ran to Ikea for more door hinges and kitchen unit feet (and a bunch of stuff like plastic tubs to organise Daniel's wardrobe shelves) because for some reason the original order didn't include enough (their fault, not mine).

Thanks so much to Clare for babysitting!

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