15 July 2006

Friday evening

I didn't do much today. It's been nice to just rest after all our hard work (since moving in I've put together 18 flat-packs!) although Grant is out working on the deck as we speak. We're having trouble finding worktops to match our office units ... we did find a suitable one at Savoy but they only come in 4m lengths (we only need 3m) and are over £100 (twice as much as the 3m length ones).

We had Noah's feet measured today, he's a 4.5 G. He'll be 16 months old in two days' time. He is just a little walking machine now, just toddles constantly, with a big smile on his face. He's such a little sunshine!

The only other constructive things I got done today was putting two handles on office unit doors, marking the holes for all the rest, washing one load of laundry and cutting Grant's and Daniel's hair.

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