7 July 2006

It's all landed!

I thrill to the sight of ...

... the Ikea delivery truck outside my house! They finally turned up at 4:50pm and it took them ages to unload the 171 pieces of our order, which they put into our hallway and the space I'd cleared in the dining room.

But I was so eager I had the first kitchen unit built and standing in the kitchen by about 6:15pm.
So far we've built the corner unit, drawer unit and a pantry unit and cut and half attached the worktop (man, I think a 3m length of worktop has to be the heaviest thing I've ever carried - and it's only fake granite!) We can't attach the other half until our plumber removes the gas cooker connection behind the drawer unit so we can attach the unit in its correct position (hence it's odd placement in this picture).

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