6 July 2006

A little surprise underfoot

So I was cutting back some of the old, damaged vinyl in the kitchen in preparation for installing the new units (which still haven't arrived, I wish they'd hurry up so I can get started!) when I found a little surprise - wood parquet flooring set into the concrete! You can see the beautiful wood grain where I scrubbed it with some water.

However, it doesn't extend as far back as we'll need it to for the pantry units as they're only 37cm deep. Gutted!! We'll have to go with our original plan of
Tundra flooring in antique finish like in the bedrooms.

Progress with the painting (it looks patchy because it's still drying):

And because I know you're interested in my accessorising plans (not),
this is the clock I want for the kitchen - it's 57cm big so we'll have to see if it will work. I don't think I can talk Grant into a shabby-chic one, but he'd probably be fine with this one:

And for above the pantry units (which are only 195cm high, so will leave a 30cm gap) we've agreed on
these baskets.

I am desperate to sneak some black toile in, in the form of a Roman blind, but Grant is being stubborn about both toile and Roman blinds for some reason. Anywhere in the house. (*sigh*) We'll probably have white wooden venetian blinds.

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