20 July 2006


33°C (that's 91.4°F for you people who refuse to embrace the wonders of metric), 31% humidity. I feel like I'm sitting in an oven. We've had a harsh winter and it seems summer has it in for us too! I hate to complain about the fine weather, but I really don't do well in the heat. Take ten degrees off the temperature and I'd be a happy camper. Adding to my crankiness is young Noah who has a slight cold but in true male fashion is acting like it's terminal. He was up all night and I'm shattered! But it's not stopped me from ironing the edging strips onto the office wall units (yes, I found some!), fitting the handles, building one of the floor units, building and installing the drawer that goes into it and adding the door. The weather forecast says it will supposedly shower late tonight and tomorrow - bring it on! In the meantime, Grant and I have a hot date with the deck this evening once it cools a little.

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