5 July 2006

Nothing's ever simple

So our kitchen units arrive tomorrow. Before we can install the first of them, we have to have the radiator installed. Okay, off to buy the radiator and get a quote for having it fitted (Grant could do it, but time constraints make hiring our trusty plumber the wisest choice, especially as he’s so affordable).

BUT before we can have the radiator installed, we have to paint the wall. Off to get tester pots, choose a paint colour, then buy the tin of paint.

BUT before we can paint, we have to move the electrical outlet from where the radiator is going to go to a little further left. No problem. The kitchen is an extension of the original house, so the wall consists of plasterboard fixed over what was the original exterior wall. Plasterboard = simple, right?

Well Murphy’s Law (which seems to afflict us with alarming regularity) comes into play when we cut exactly where a batten is. I mean, what are the odds?

Anyway, a bit of chiselling does the job and the outlet is safely moved (we will be getting a new one, I know this one is hanging skew).

So now we can paint …

BUT before I can paint I need to patch the hole where the outlet used to be, fix the cutout of plasterboard back into the channel, and smooth over.

The units arrive tomorrow. Guess we won’t be putting them in straight away.

Oh, but I did attach the gripper rods to the boys’ doorways.

And here’s a quick view of the framing and decking stacked and waiting.

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