31 July 2006

Rain, rain, GO AWAY! Even just for two days!

We've had such hot weather for weeks ... over 30 degrees, hot and sunny. My log cabin / studio is arriving tomorrow and guess what the weather is doing? Well although this forecast says "Mostly cloudy" I'll have you know that those clouds are pouring rain. Just look at the ten day forecast!

The log cabin is untreated wood and can't get wet at all. Where are we supposed to store it all until the weather is fine again? And how long would that take anyway? We can't clear the garage out - we've nowhere else to store the workbenches, studio furniture, bathroom suite, bicycle, tumble drier, etc to make room for the wood, and anyway, the cabin is longer than the garage so it would stick out anyway. I guess we'll have to look into a tarpaulin of some sort - an extra expense that I am resentful of which I'm not sure will work anyway.


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