16 July 2006

Saturday ramblings

After Googling “weight loss drinking water” guess what my new habit is going to be? I was inspired by a fellow photographer on the pro photography forum I visit, who lost over 85lb (39kg / 6 stone) in 11 months. She looks fantastic! She said that one of the things that helped was drinking lots and lots of water and suggested Googling it (obviously she did more than just drink water though!) Well, it’s very motivating reading and I’m going to try very hard to drink a lot of H2O, not just to aid weight-loss but because it’s healthy.

On the home front, we’ve finished framing the back deck and started laying boards! This is huge, people, huge. The boards are the reward for all the hard work that went into the framing (yeah, sad that the reward for hard work is more work). I will admit that I only did maybe 10% of the work, if that. Kudos to Grant for doing the measuring, cutting, drilling, screwing, levelling etc. Anyway, here are some pics:

Grant working hard

The frame

Some of the edging

The first board being laid

Noah enjoying the horizontal climbing frame (“What? You expect me to walk over these? Lady, I’ve only just learnt, give me a break!”)

How the deck looked at close of play today.

Some of the edging

Oh! I collected Noah’s blind fabric today. It's Vibe "Tropicana" by Prestigious. Am loving the fun colours and funky dots. I had originally planned on painting his room blue, but the particular blue in the fabric is maybe a little more turquoise than I’d had in mind so I’m toying with the idea of picking out the butter yellow. I’m really undecided so I’d love to have opinions. “Audience, please vote … now.”

Here are pics of the first two office wall unit handles on - both Laura and Ellie said they'd thought they were going to be huge, due to the size in the picture I posted. Nope, they're little.

The weather was absolutely gorgeous today, hot and sunny. By suppertime we'd completed enough of the deck to be able to eat out there. We had a BBQ (braai!) and enjoyed sitting in the shade eating alfresco. This is the life! Our lives have changed so much for the better since moving home, we really are so blessed.

Coming early next week: photos from Joe and Lana's photo sessions.

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