11 July 2006

Sorry, no pics yet

Yesterday we built and installed Daniel’s two wardrobes, including fastening them to wall and each other; installed one shelf, two hanging rails and one door; built four office wall units; worked on deck frame.

Today so far (it's 10:00am) we've hung two office wall units onto the wall and attached them together (and realised the whole row is not level, despite using a level at the start, grrr!); and hung one wardrobe door. The plumber is here today and has already removed the gratuitous gas connection in the kitchen so that we could move the drawer unit to where it's supposed to go.

I have my friend Clare's daughter here while she and her husband attend his graduation ceremony; I'm doing his graduation pictures later (and am completely disorganised, I haven't even cleared off my CF cards yet or put up my softbox!) - thank goodness they're friends and are understanding.

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