27 August 2006


Hooray, I finally began sewing Noah's Roman blind. I wasn't even sure if my sewing machine would work - I got it for £15 through the classified ads at Grant's work - but it sewed just fine. It's a 1972 Singer sewing machine! That's older than me and the same age as Grant!!

I couldn't finish the blind because I need the Velcro tape for the top as well as twill tape for the cords to run through, which I'll buy on Monday or Tuesday. I can't wait to finish it and hang it - then Noah's room will almost be finished.

I did the silicone sealant between the tiles and the end of the bath and Grant and I installed the shower screen and put up the bracket the shower head attaches to. I forgot to take pictures before the shower curtain plan was put into action, but tomorrow I'll take pics of how it looks now, plastic shower curtain and all.

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