10 August 2006

Early hour idea

The nights have grown cooler lately, getting downright chilly by the early hours, so we've started putting the heating on before going to bed (thank goodness for gas central heating - what an improvement over the old storage heaters in our last house!). We were concerned about whether the heat would affect the kitchen worktops standing in the hallway leaning against the radiator there. Yesterday, at about 4:20am I had a brainwave, which we put into action last night.

We've moved the old computer units (which are falling apart and will end up in the garage with an old worktop across them) into the vestibule, where they fit perfectly for now ...

... and then built the remaining office base unit, put them into position and put the kitchen worktops (still covered in plastic wrap) on top. When the office worktop arrives on the 23rd we'll just put it on top of the 2 kitchen ones until we do the kitchen. So the office is starting to look like it should! Hooray! The floor does slope though, so when we finish the office properly we'll have to build up the unit feet on that side, as the bases don't line up with the wall units which are actually straight. Here's how it's looking:

View from the lounge:

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