10 August 2006

Hump day

Today I painted the first coat on one of Noah's walls (besides the bit behind his shelves, which I didn't move) using a paintbrush. I could have probably finished his whole room with a roller in the time it took me to do the one wall with the brush, but by using a brush it means I can do a little here and there while the kids play and I only need to close the tin of paint and rinse the brush when I need to stop painting to see to them.

No pics because he's asleep now, but I love how it's looking.

Grant has just put up some more battens in the bathroom and a sheet of plasterboard, so it's slowly getting there. We're both sick of DIY right now.

Even though decorating the lounge is not going to happen for ages, I've been mulling over ideas. I can't decide which of these light fittings to get and Grant doesn't have a preference. Good thing I have ages to decide!




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