5 August 2006

Keep on trucking

Still feeling a little tender about the whole neighbour / log cabin thing, but it's not really in our hands anymore and what will be will be. Time will work it out, I guess.

In the meantime, we are cracking on with other things. We've put up most of the ceiling panels in the bathroom, some battens for the drywalling, primed the inside of the front door and painted the first coat, and chosen a paint colour for Noah's room. I usually go for muted tones but this is a fresh, clear, bright aqua. It's so clear it actually seems to glow. I've done almost all of the cutting in using the tester pot and tonight I'll buy the tin and finish up the painting this weekend. Then I need to make a Roman blind, accessorise his room, attach the beading around the edge of the floor, replace his window and finish up his door (it needs a handle, paint and a doorjamb).

I'll post pics this weekend.

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