2 August 2006


Night before last Grant did some more demolition work in the bathroom. We're going to need a new vacuum cleaner soon as it just gets trashed every time Grant uses it to clean up afterwards. It's really taking strain.

This is how the bathroom looks now - half demolished, and mirrors taped in preparation for removal:

Oh yeah, that light fixture on the landing has to be changed - so does the loft ladder which can't be put up into the loft, it just hangs down all the time.


Yesterday the weather was still rainy. Grant came home at lunchtime, bringing the missionaries with him. We had lunch and then they got busy painting the side fence panels as the log cabin still hadn't arrived. (You can see my pansy seedlings in this picture, they're on the vestibule windowsills.)

Then, finally, it arrived! It took the three guys an hour to offload everything. It all fit into the garage, as you can see, except for the risers and roof shingles, which could stay out in the rain as they were already weatherproofed.

Last night Grant and I built the base frame and secured it to the deck over a waterproof membrane, ready to start building the cabin once we have fine weather.

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