17 August 2006


On the DIY front I've painted a little more in Noah's room (man, it's slow going with a brush! Give me a roller anyday) and painted a couple of the little monogram letters I have for his room (it will all become clear later, I promise). Grant has purchased the tools needed to do the plumbing ourselves and has removed the old basin taps and capped off the pipes.

We want to do the painting before he installs the radiator, which we now have, and so this morning we went back to Topps Tiles to check that the paint swatch in the book matched the tile sample because we were still waiting for delivery of our order. Lo and behold, beneath the tile sample board sat a pile of boxed tiles. So clearly they hadn't phoned us once the shipment came in. But even though our order had arrived, the tiles were completely different to the samples! They were darker, more mottled, busier and fake-looking. What a disappointment. You know how much we had loved the tiles ... we just don't love the completely different version that was delivered. Anyway, we got a refund for the tiles and went straight to Wickes where I'd seen a tile I liked after we'd ordered from Topps Tiles. Wickes still had them, Grant liked them, they were in stock and ready to take away, and best of all they worked out to cost around £25 less than the Topps Tiles ones had so we saved some money. They are an oatmeal colour gloss tile that looks like travertine or something. 30x60cm (more cutting but less grouting), and beautiful, we're really happy with them. It's quite difficult to take a picture that shows the tile properly, but I tried:

They're not as grey as the picture looks. They're actually quite similar to the ones from Topps Tiles, except a warmer tone.

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