22 August 2006

Warning: TMI

We've started putting tiles up in the bathroom and they look gorgeous. I can't wait till it's all over - we've a busy week ahead though, so I'm not sure we'll have much time to DIY.

The weather has turned cooler and it's been raining on and off. Between the rain we've been taking walks - Noah just loves it. If you mention the word "walk" he runs to the front door and starts banging on it, eager to go. Daniel was splashing in puddles and Noah thought this was the coolest thing ever. He'd walk through the puddles, watching his feet, then sometimes double back to walk through it again, a big smile on his face. I need to get him some wellies.

Yesterday I really felt like cleaning (I know!) and worked my butt off tidying all the junk away. My Roomba was my cleaner and my babysitter yesterday - I set it going in the lounge and the kids were having a whale of a time chasing it (and each other) as it worked. Meanwhile, I was carrying all of the kitchen flat-packs up the stairs to store them in Daniel's room so I could clear the dining room since I'll be conducting sessions in it. Here's what Daniel's room looks like now:

The flat-packs are so heavy and I made about 15 trips, I was exhausted when I was done! I was also smelly - my deodorant (Mitchum roll-on) stopped working altogether for some reason, so I switched to a different one (Sure dry stick) and now that doesn't work either. Help!! Do you know of a really effective anti-perspirant that you can recommend, please??

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