20 August 2006

We've turned a corner

After hitting rock bottom we've begun the upward swing - the old bath has been evicted from our home and the shiny, white new bath is in place and functional! It is so exciting. Here's the bathroom after we ripped out the old bath:

The new floor going in:

And here it is - ta-da!!

Our beautiful new taps!

Noah, watching the new bath fill.

Meanwhile, this is the chaos we're living in:

Landing: tools, rubble bucket, drop cloth, instruction sheets, bathroom stuff, cleaning goodies, etc.

Daniel's room: tools, floor underlay, basin, plubming fittings, taps, silicone gun, etc.

The hallway - tiles, seamless paper backdrop (still in package), tools, clothes horse, bathroom radiator, wardrobe flat packs, etc.

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