31 August 2006

A working toilet, a big boy and a Smurf

We have a (mostly) functioning toilet! And an (almost) functioning basin! Hooray!! We've tiled behind the toilet and basin and the wall beside the toilet, finished the floor, boxed in the pipes, installed skirting boards except the strip behind the door ... um, what door? Installing the floor meant the door wouldn't open so we've taken it off. We already have the new bi-fold door in the garage, waiting for installation.

Anyway, we still have loads to do but we've come really far and the bathroom is looking so much better. Okay, that doesn't say much because almost anything would have looked better than what was in there before! Just as a reminder, a Before shot first:

And now:

The plastic-wrapped shower:

Basin mixer:

In other news, Daniel starts school this Monday! Oh. My. Goodness. It's actually happening. I am excited and a little sad - it's the end of an era! Someone else will entertain, teach, feed, chase and listen to him for 6 hours a day! I will miss him but I know he'll love school, he is so ready for it and so bright and eager to learn. Poor Noah will miss him too. I'm not looking forward to having to wake up at 6:30am, I must say! At the moment we all get up when Noah wakes up, which is quite often hovering around the 8:00am mark, and very seldom earlier than 7:00. Oh well, the routine will do us all good and Grant will get his hours up. What I am looking forward to is going out with only one little one in tow (makes it easier) and having uninterrupted time during the day while Noah naps. I will hopefully be able to put a bit more into my business, seeing as we are now relying on my earnings.

Noah ... well, typical toddler, he's into everything. This morning he got hold of Daniel's little ink pad and this is the result:

And no, it doesn't wash off. So I'm housebound with the Smurf until it fades. Little devil! You can also see the burn on my arm in that pic - I burned myself on a hot dish cooming out of the oven - ouch!! The blister has ripped open so it's all raw and seeping. V attractive.

Here is the little valance I made for Noah's cot. I still haven't had a chance to finish his blind.

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