5 September 2006

Daniel's first day at school

So Daniel started school today ... my big boy. He was so excited and couldn't wait. We were ready in plenty of time and he was impatient to leave. Then, when we were getting into the car, he got a little nervous and said he was scared. I talked with him a bit, and explained that he was feeling scared because he didn't know what to expect, not because there was anything scary at school. By the time we got to school he was fine and went straight into his class without a backward glance.

For the first two weeks he only goes to school from 8:45 - 11:45. Noah and I went shopping in town during that time today, then went to pick Daniel up. He was full of beans and didn't want to go home! He has already made a friend called Sho (half Japanese) - coincidentally Sho's mom and I had started chatting as we crossed the road at the school when we arrived, and while we waited for the kids to come out.

He looked so cute in his uniform but even though most of my family's life is on the internet for the world to see here there and everywhere I am loathe to post anyhing about Daniel's school so I won't be posting pictures of him in his uniform here. Sensible? Paranoid? Who knows, but I'd rather be safe than sorry.

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