12 September 2006

DIY progress (or lack of)

We are So. Burned. Out. with DIY. I can't even begin to tell you. If I never see another screwdriver, paintbrush or power drill again it won't be too soon. We've really slowed down with the work, just due to lack of motivation. I think we both need a big DIY holiday.

And yet, there's still tons to do and Grant is a slavedriver. Tonight we are supposed to be replacing the bathroom window. I will need copious amounts of chocolate to see me through this.

Will post pics of any projects we finish, if/when we finish them. Everything is half done right now: wrought iron candle sconces for the dining room are painted but not hung. Noah's blind is still unfinished. Our bedroom sports patches all over the walls where I was testing different shades of paint, and I've started cutting in with the colour we chose. The bathroom is pretty much as I posted a few days ago, but hopefully will be finished within the next month. We've done nothing to the kitchen since the last time I posted about it, so it's still really higgledy-piggledy, and driving me mad.

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