29 September 2006


Here are some of the things we like for the house:

We both adore these for the living room alcoves and will definitely be getting them as soon as we have the money:

The pale wood bookcase will be moved to the hallway and will stand where the meter cupboard is now (it will replace it) so both of the two matching bookcases will be in the same area. In the living room, where the bookcase is now, will go one of these with a runner and a lamp on it:

Fabric for our living room and dining room curtains - it is off-white, not as dark as the pic shows. The chocolate, gold and copper bands are taffeta, with white stitched edges. It's just beautiful fabric ... if we can afford it later (and if it's still available) I'm going to make our curtains.

Bedding for our bedroom:

We quite like these curtains for the bedroom (they look quite cream here but they are white or off-white):

I want a couple of these for the bathroom shelf:

I quite like these rugs for the living room, but I just know Grant won't.

Bathroom towels:

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