12 September 2006

It's a lawn story

I am so pleased that our little lawn has started greening up and growing beautifully. Here's a reminder of what it looked like when we moved in:

After a mowing, it looked like it had died. It was all hard, dry, yellow stumps and I could see no way that it could be resurrected.

I started phoning landscapers for quotes, thinking that if we had any money left over after our DIY stuff (bwahahahahahahaaaa, how we laughed, oh my sides hurt) we might just get someone in to rip up the old lawn and lay a new one. (Still wiping tears of laughter from my eyes ... "money left over" ...) In the end we didn't even get a quote, and I'm glad we didn't bother. Because our little lawn has, with no TLC except some mowing, greened up and softened up and is looking like it will thicken up just fine too.

There were a couple of bare patches where we'd taken up random paving slabs or old shrubs, and we threw some grass seed in and lightly forked it over and after some rain the grass is growing there too. V exciting. Here's how it's looking now:

The two formerly bare patches where the grass seed has sprouted:

Noah isn't bothered about the lawn. He just plays on the deck, except when he's trying to get his oudoor toys inside:

Daniel doesn't seem too bothered either. But Grant and I wanted a nice green lawn, and I'm so glad that that's what we'll have next summer.

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