27 September 2006

Last week's twin session

Meet Sana and Sabah. Their mom carried them without complications until 37 weeks then delivered them naturally. They were 6lb-something and 7lb-something at birth and had each gained a whole pound by the time I got to photograph them!

As part of their Muslim faith they believe that the hair the baby is born with is unclean, so the baby's head is shaved when they are a few days old, hence the crew cuts ;)

Also, apparently they aren't allowed to hang portraits on their wall, so all she bought at her ordering session last night was the session album even though she loved the images and wanted more (she'd booked me because she'd received a gift certificate from another friend / client of mine). What a lovely, sweet family to deal with - she even sent me home with some samosas that she'd made.

(My personal favourite)

"What's that you say?"
"Excellent, dude."

Gotta get some feet shots (my obsession).

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