14 September 2006

Number of:

Times I had to help anyway: 2

Rows we had: either 1 with a pause in the middle or 2 (but don't worry, we've made up)

Window panes broken: 1 (old window, thank goodness, not the new one)
Hours it took: 3 (but it felt like 30)

Injuries: 1 (but I got the tiny sliver of glass out of my foot this morning and it doesn't hurt anymore)
Times we will attempt this again: 0 (builder has quoted £280 to finish the brickwork, do Noah's window and repair the roof. It's worth it.)
Please note the strained smile (he's standing on the kitchen roof):

No more swirly-glassed, aluminium-framed window; just a gaping hole:

New window is in (the plastic shower curtain situation is still in place until we tile) - the window isn't really bowed like that at the top, it's lens distortion:

Detail shot - white uPVC frame (yes it's dirty from putting it in, no I haven't cleaned it yet), obscure glass:

Top of window - empty space where the bricks should be:

Window from outside (don't know what the white streaks are):

[Edited later: the white streaks were a fault between the panes of glass and the company had to come out and replace the top window. Nothing is ever simple for us.]

We've had to put a shower curtain and black bin liners over the hole in the kitchen roof because it's raining:

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