12 September 2006

Planning permission

We have finally applied for planning permission. A month after being in contact with the council. Their fault, not ours.

We have been phoning the planning permission officer weekly to find out if we do or don't need permission, and he's constantly been saying, "I'll review your case and let you know this week." Yeah, buddy, that's what you said last week. Fool. And how come there's only one (1) planning permission officer for the whole of Preston anyway??

When I phoned on Friday at about 5pm I was told by a colleague of his that he's gone on leave! So I asked if just maybe someone else might be handling the work while he's away, and she said that his superior would have to have a look at our case.

The next morning, oh, about 16 hours later, we had a letter through our letterbox saying that we did indeed need planning permission and please find the application forms enclosed.

So how come, if it would take 5 minutes to review our case and tell us that, we have waited A FULL CALENDAR MONTH to be told that??? Planning Permission Officer for Preston - not named but shamed. And big kudos to his superior for taking a quick look at our case when I'm sure he was keen to leave work and start his weekend.

So we have finally begun the application process (which, I may add, we would have been halfway through if it weren't for being messed around). Now for the 6-8 week wait.

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