2 October 2006

Back to the grindstone

After slowing the DIY pace a bit for a little while, we've been back at work again. I am so excited - the bathroom is almost finished!! Here are some of the things we've been up to:

Grant put up half of the bathroom coving - I love it!!

I sewed some sheer voiles for our bedroom, so we don't have to close the curtains to get changed during the day. The curtains were left by the previous owner and are on a crummy track, you can't even pull them back, hence being hooked up on the window handles. I made the voile only as high as the line instead of full height so we can receive maximum light and also enjoy a breeze with the windows open (they only open at the top).

Then there was this gap at the head of the bath ...

So I built a frame ...

... and Grant screwed on some drywall.

We have cut and painted the shelf to go on top and the windowsill, and installed the windowsill, but I have no pics yet. The shelf is window-sill height and I plan to put a nice candle holder there.

A little more tiling progress, and the newly installed bath panel (still have to do a strip along the bottom):

I also hung the clock that I painted (the frame was silver) - it's boring but didn't cost me anything as the previous owners left it here and I already had the paint. Maybe later I'll get a more interesting one. The clock is on the wall on the right, above where the radiator will go.

I also hung my "tasteful nude" - Noah at about 10 months of age, naked on a platter :)

Our towels are going to be that same deep cranberry red.

I also hung a picture of Daniel at the top of the stairs:

And the three pics that used to be above our sofa in our old house are now hung on the wall above the stairs. I have new plans for above our sofa when we redecorate the living room - for now my sample canvas (pic of Noah) hangs there. Please excuse the glare on the glass and the nasty banisters (can't wait to redo them with beautiful white spindles and handrail!)

And then ... the moment you've all been waiting for ... I finally finished Noah's blind!! It is on a removable batten so I can just unhook the whole shebang off the wall and put it aside when the builder fixes the window surround and replaces the pane of glass. We also need to add coving, a windowsill, a lightbulb and a shade. So here's how Noah's room looks now:

I would've liked a white rocker, but the white seat pad from Ikea kind of pulls it together so it doesn't clash too badly with the white shelves and cot.

The previous owner left this mirror, which I painted white:

The crown moulding shelf above the rocking chair:

I'm not happy with this picture or frame. I plan on buying this one instead and hanging it horizontally.

The wooden bucket I painted and added a ribbon and metal tag that says "sweetheart". It holds his asthma pump and dummies. I punched paper circles and stuck them onto the lamp with glue dots.

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