16 October 2006

Happy birthday to me

I'm 31 today! Yay me.

The best birthday present has been getting the kitchen to the stage it is. All of the units are in and all that remains is to tile, do the floor and add plinths and coving. We will need to remove the crappy fridge unit and throw some drywall on the raw walls in that corner when we get our new fridge, but who knows when that will be. We will also eventually replace the oven with a stainless steel one and add a ceramic hob with tough-buttons rather than knobs (hence the wait - £££). Here's how it's looking today:

Looking in from the doorway:

Facing back towards the doorway (excuse the junk on the worktop that we need to sort out):

Stepping outside: To my surprise, and in honour of my birthday, my rose bush has bloomed late with 2 little roses!

Meanwhile the birch tree is more yellow than green and has dropped half its leaves already.

I know the grass needs mowing ... see how well those grass seeds have grown?

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