14 October 2006

Kitchen progress

We got loads done yesterday. sink and oven are installed, all base units are built and doors are on. This weekend we will finish the painting and hang the wall units, then all that remains is coving, handles, flooring and tiling. We will get our new appliances later (for now we're using a little double boiling ring to cook on, and the old oven which, may I add, now has a broken handle - no culprit's name mentioned **coughcoughgrantcoughcough**).

Grant was outstanding yesterday, doing all the plumbing including adding in an outside tap for us! I myself shone at building and installing flat-packed units.

Grant plumbing the new sink and taps (link shows black but ours is chrome):

Kitchen as it looks today: (Dang, these pics are awful, esp considering I'm a photographer!)

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