4 October 2006

Pics, shelves, skirting boards, silicone

Poor Noah's sick (thrown up twice, fever last night) so he's had a long nap today and I've had time to do some odds - we had the skirting boards mitred this morning at Savoy and then I painted them, I did the first lot of silicone sealant around the bathroom window, I had primed the kitchen shelves last night and today I painted the first coat on them, I painted the first coat on a little frame for my desk, I converted, printed, framed and hung these three pics:

They are in 8x10 inch dark wood frames (that I got from Sainsbury's on sale ages ago for 75p each!) and hang above the printer. The lamp won't be there once we get under-cabinet lighting for the wall cabinets.

They look like they're hung skew but it's just lens distortion, they are straight, I promise!

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