3 November 2006


Things are so busy here ... I hardly have time to breathe. I really, really need some time off from kids / work / cleaning house. I hardly have time with Grant because most evenings I'm working and now he's busy with his Uni work as well as trying to fit in policing. Next week's going to be a tough one because I have three sessions this weekend, so I'll be editing, ordering proofs, putting together proofing albums and online galleries. I do love it though!

Temperatures have suddenly plummeted and last night it was -5°C. We've had a couple of nights of hard frost which have decimated my pansies, but we're very thankful that our house seems to be lovely and warm even with the low temps outside.

Finally I am posting pics of the bathroom! Here are our new red towels - I went to three shops to find the right shade (typical me). I love my fluffy bathmat!

And we actually have a door now! It still needs to be painted though. I love this folding door - when it's open it doesn't block the radiator, and it takes up less room in such a small space. (How skew are these pics?! Sorry!)

And pics of the blind - cherry wood effect. We didn't want real wood there as it's in the shower and gets wet, but even though it's plastic it looks really good (like wood).

New soap dispenser:

New toilet roll holder that we still have to install - I also bought two matching towel rails, one for above the toilet for the hand towel and one for above the end of the bath.

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