25 November 2006

Cabin progress and hobbity goodness

I'm not going to elaborate on the drama or go into the fact that the past two days have pretty much been one long marital dispute; all I'll say is I hate British weather with a passion, am sick of rain and that this stupid cabin would have been completed in one day if we'd had dry conditions. Like we had, oh, three months ago. You know, when we first went to build the cabin. Anyone got a couple of voodoo dolls in the shapes of our neighbours?

This is how the cabin looked after yesterday's efforts - about a foot and a half high:

This is how it looks today after the few hours we were able to put in before the rain started again (the walls are about a third built and the door is in):

Corner detail:

This is the view from the kitchen window. We'll be painting the garage cream and getting rid of the black stripes.

In other news, I absolutely adore our new ceramic hob that Grant installed today. It's not even the fact that I've been living without a cooker for weeks now; this one is just gorgeous. We've had solid plate and gas hobs before, but never ceramic and now I will never go back (and I haven't even cooked on it yet!) We weren't bothered about brand, but were looking for one that was frameless and had touch controls, for easy cleaning. This Matsui hob from Curry's fit the bill and at £249 was just about affordable (we'll get a new oven later).

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