29 November 2006

It's fabulous!

Although the cabin isn't quite finished, it is awesome. I love it and can't wait to "move in". Paul helped Grant finish the wall logs, apexes and start fitting roof beams, before he had to leave, then four missionaries came by and spent three hours treating the roof planks, and Grant spent five hours solid nailing them on. Nobody could help with that because we only have one tall ladder (that G had to buy yesterday). He came in at around 9pm last night, cold and tired but triumphant - the cabin is roofed, hurrah! Still to be done: the grey roof shingles need nailing on, floorboards treated and nailed in and varnished, and electricity run out to the cabin.

View from kitchen window:

Standing at the end of the garden:

Standing in doorway facing far corner:

Standing in far corner facing back towards door:

Facing wall nearest the garage:

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