30 December 2006

Cabin plans

As soon as the new year rolls in and we can find a reliable and affordable electrician we're going to have the garage and cabin wired. It's a bit of a pain running extension cables from the house, and we are worried about overloading something too.

As far as cosmetics go, I had planned on painting the ceiling white and leaving the wooden beams unpainted, but have changed my mind after seeing these pictures - I'm definitely going to paint the beams white too:

I'm sure plenty would be horrified at the prospect of painting all that wood (if my cousin Angela is reading this she probably needs a tranquiliser about now) but I really want to get away from the sauna / shed look and create something a little more finished and classy. I mocked up some wall colour pics - I want to do the walls a muted pistachio or a sage green (my logo is green), but may end up going for the "safe" choice and doing mocha / beige instead.


Possible afters:

Furniture and accessories:
- black wrought-iron effect curtain poles, mirror and coat hooks
- white curtains
- black leather 2-seater sofa
- white chest of drawers / changing table
- small white cupboard
- white side table
- large black framed display pics on walls
- black-framed clock
- black wrought-iron candle sconces with white candles
- some kind of rug, haven't decided what style yet

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