14 December 2006

The chicken's debut

Today was Daniel's school nativity play ... it was so cute! Of course Daniel was absolutely adorable. After the play was finished the head teacher said a few words, and then thanked the parents for their efforts in putting together the costumes, and then pointed out Daniel the chicken and made a little joke about how all these years she's been putting her rubber gloves on her hands, and he's shown her how they really should be worn! Everybody laughed ... and later in the car Daniel was a bit upset because he thought everyone had laughed at him, so I had to explain that they were laughing at the head teacher's joke. He said that when they were doing their dress rehearsal she had lifted him up to show everyone his rubber-glove-chicken-feet and they had all laughed. I told him, "You know how we laugh at Noah because he's so cute - it's not that we're mocking him, he is just so cute he makes us laugh? Well they were just laughing because you are so cute."

Here's a pic of our little chicken on stage. You can't see his red crest thingie as they put his hat on back-to-front so it's on the back of his head instead of on top.

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