7 December 2006


Last night we did two coats of varnish on the cabin floor and fitted half the kitchen laminate floor! Today I did another row of the laminate and fitted the cabin curtain poles. I'll post pics of them once I've hung the curtains - for now I'll be using the short cream curtains that the previous owners left in Noah's room (1 per window), but eventually I'll buy floor length white canvas curtains with big eyelets instead of curtain hooks or tabs (2 per window).

The cabin floor isn't looking good, the varnish has taken on a kind of muddy greenish hue overnight, so for the third coat I'm going to get a slightly darker one (we've run out of the current varnish anyway).

Love how the kitchen is looking:

In other news, I didn't get a chance to take proper pictures of Daniel's chicken costume because I had to send it into school with him today and won't get it back until after the play, but I did take a crummy snapshot of him wearing it without the white knit hat with red crest, and without his nose painted yellow. It's made of a white top, white long shorts, 2 feather boas, rubber gloves stapled to his slippers, and yellow football socks borrowed from a schoolfriend:

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