17 December 2006

Freezer cooking

Inspired by these websites (OAMC and Bulk Cooking) - especially this - I have started cooking in bulk and freezing in portions. I'm loving it! It is so handy to just pull out a healthy home-cooked meal for lunch, miccrowave it for 10 minutes and it's thawed and hot. If we have a rush-around type of day and I haven't had a chance to prepare supper, we are still eating something delicious and nutritious, plus we can each choose a different meal if we wish!

Yesterday I made 16 portions of bolognese sauce (I really need a big stock pot, oh and a food processor - grating all the veg got real old real quick):

I have cooked and frozen some of my own recipes, but currently am in love with this book:

It's Weight Watchers so the recipes are super healthy and low fat, and the ones I've tried so far are absolutely delicious. I love that the recipe tells you if you can freeze it or not. Apparently this book isn't in print anymore but I bought my copy on eBay for next to nothing.

This is what the bottom drawer of my freezer looks like. I freeze the containers flat, then stand them up so the label is easily readable. There are more portions scattered through the other drawers, wherever I had space:

What you see here are: my own bolognese sauce, Weight Watchers bolognese sauce, WW chicken lasagne, WW sweet & sour pork noodles, WW roasted veg pasta sauce, my own veg pasta sauce - all in individual portions in microwave safe containers from Asda.

In the fridge freezer I have individual portions of: WW lemon cupcakes, WW choc cherry brownies, pumpkin spice cake, German apple pudding and WW cinnamon & apple slice. I've been stocking up on the treats for Christmas - now all we need to do is microwave the pud, add ice cream or custard and enjoy!

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