9 December 2006

I'm in at last!!

Last night Grant and I moved my studio stuff into the cabin. I'm so excited to finally be set up in there!! I have plans to change almost everything (walls, furniture, mirror, coat hooks, sample framed pics, sampel canvas) but this is how it looks now.

Facing into it from the doorway:

Will be getting a black leather 2-seater sofa to put where the chairs are. I have a small table I have to paint white, which will go next to it - the lamp that's on the floor will go on there. The white panel you see is the heater.

Facing the backdrop: Will eventually have a pole system attached across the cabin from wall to wall instead of my backdrop stand. I've set up my Silverlake All Natural because that's what 90% of my clients choose. (It's folded back here so it doesn't get trodden on.)

Right hand wall: Will be getting nice white curtains, but these panels will have to do for now. (Obviously that's not how my light is used, I prop them against the wall to ease the pressure on the light stand screw head.)

- The little chair is a prop (from Ikea)
- Open shelves hold my textured throws (yeeeah, bit of a throw obsession going on ... I use them for newborns)
- Small white cupboard (Ikea) holds Christmas props (Santa hats, baby Santa outfits), black backdrop, red fabric, baby blankets, odds and ends
- Chest of drawers (Ikea) holds tutus, baby clothes (soakers, hats, etc), petal mat, backdrops
- Baskets on top will have to go somewhere when the changing table top goes on the chest of drawers
- Vintage baby scale is in the house but will go on small cupboard

Here is how the floor turned out. We originally did two coats of Dark Oak varnish but it looked sickly, so we topped it off with a coat of Mahogany varnish and now it looks like a rich cherry, love it. The pic isn't tru to life, for some reason my pics always look odd when I post here on my blog (but look fine anywhere else I post).

And in the house, here is our little Christmas tree. I really thought I'd have trouble with Noah all over it but he's hardly touched it!

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