23 December 2006

*Squeal, clap clap*

My new Speedlite 580EX arrived yesterday! I am so excited. I needed to get one for weddings, I am second-shooting on the 6th so I needed to get one and figure out how to use it before then. I sold the cast-iron stove that was in our dining room - we had decided that we would probably never actually use it - and used that money and money that I had in PayPal.

My camera with the Speedlite on is so heavy - 1.7kg (3.5 pounds)! My wrist was hurting after taking only a few pics - definitely takes some getting used to.

First try, bounced off ceiling - abysmal catchlights (excuse the PowerRangers costume).

Bounced off wall / picture behind me - hooray, nice catchlights!

Bounced off ceiling:

Bounced off wall / picture to my right:

My handsome hubby:

Grant had a play too and took this pic in the kitchen, I think it was bounced off the white wall units behind him (excuse the half naked toddler, it was almost bath time, oh and the fact that I'm talking, as usual!):

I won't bore you with the hundreds of pictures I took of the boys in the bath. Okay, well, maybe just one or two. Two little boys contained in bath + lots of shiny bright surfaces to bounce flash off = win!

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