5 January 2007

The boys

Thanks to all those who expressed concern ... Daniel's eyebrow is absolutely fine, just about healed over. He was messing about and getting hyper and we kept telling him to sit down and calm down. When he eventually did go to sit, he somehow whacked his eyebrow on the computer speaker that was nearby and neatly cut his right brow. It stopped bleeding quite quickly and I pinched the two edges together with a Steri-Strip and he was fine, it wasn't serious at all. Other than that incidient, he has been golden child lately, so well behaved and smart and funny.

Noah, on the other hand, seems to have woken up on 1 January and thought, "Hmm, it's a new year, the year I turn 2. Let's step things up a little." He has suddenly and uncharacteristically started getting into everything and being very stubborn and has developed some remarkable tantrum skills. He has also become quite particular about exactly how he wants things done - for instance screaming if we close his bedroom door, which has always been closed at bedtime his whole life. Well, not anymore, I guess!

Part of me is amused and part is very not amused. Daniel was a spitfire from the word go and worked me hard, but Noah has always been so easy going and laid back. That's why it's so funny when he gets all het up. But it makes my job of parenting him so much more challenging all of a sudden - especially because it seems he may be dropping his daily nap! Shock, horror!! He sleeps (used to?) around an hour and a half to three hours a day and that is when I get so much done for my business. What am I going to do if that precious time is taken away from me?? Aargh!!

Health-wise he is fully recovered, and his molars seem to have stopped bothering him for now, for which we're grateful.

Here are my sweet boys, playing together nicely on Tuesday.

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