12 January 2007

This is how my day went

Woke up. Normal morning getting-ready-getting-kids-ready routine. Dropped Daniel off at school. Dropped Grant off at work. Dropped Noah off at Rebecca (thanks, Rebecca!). Drove to my hair appointment, had my hair cut. Drove to Homebase, bought some paint. Drove home, changed into old clothes and painted our bedroom (as a surprise for Grant). Finished laminate floor in bedroom. Had the quickest shower ever and got dressed again. Picked up Daniel. Visited with Rebecca for a bit. Went to Sainsbury's and bought Noah a new coat, Daniel new school shoes and a bedding set for our bedroom. Picked Grant up, came home. He fed the kids while I restored order to the bedroom and put on new bedding, then he got to see the finished effect - he was very surprised (I'll post pics tomorrow, it looks awesome). Hung three picture frames in bedroom. Bathed kids and got them into bed. Made and ate a grilled cheese sandwich while unpacking the dishwasher. Now I have to get ready and go and deliver an order to a client.

I am SHATTERED. My whole body hurts. I feel ooooooooold!!

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