17 January 2007

Today I:

Dropped Grant at work, Daniel at school, Noah at Rebecca.

Came home and put up the last row of tiles in the bathroom, except one which needs adjustment somehow.

Painted the bathroom door, radiator pipes, back of our bedroom door and started on the bedroom woodwork but stopped when I lost the will to live (boooored).

Washed and hung up 3 loads of laundry.

Scrubbed the bathroom and washed the floor.

Worked on logo design proofs for a client.

Worked on web updates for another client.

Picked Daniel up, picked Noah up, came home and fed them; did usual bedtime drill.

Scrapped one scrapbooking layout, which was like milking a hen. Ugh, it's so hard now that I haven't been doing it in so long. Plus the stupid printer is having a hissy fit so I couldn't even finish the layout. I really miss scrapping. I am just disappointed each time I try nowadays ... I hardly ever get time to, and when I do I'm just exhausted and all my scrap crap is stashed here and there, so it's a hassle and I just don't enjoy it like I used to. Boo hooo, you're all invited to my pity party. Oh well ... September 2009 - Noah will be in school and I'll 6 kid-free hours every single day. Time and season and all that.

Pics of FINALLY completed bathroom will be posted one we figure out how to fit this tile and grout them.

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