1 February 2007

An update of sorts

So I haven't updated my blog properly in a while ... and I guess I'm not really going to now either becuase do you really want to read about how Noah and I are starting on a cold again, just a month after our last one, and how today I'm sipping from a hot steaming cup of self-pity?

Or do you really want to read about our wars with the neighbours, or the battles on Saturday which featured the neighbour and his wife hanging over our fence with said wife shrilly shrieking abuse at my husband including asking him if he was "f****** thick" and which ended in Grant telling them to put any further communication in writing and if they set foot on our property we would call the police?

And what's the point of reading this blog if there are no DIY updates, right?

Well, watch this space because we need to finish off a few projects (kitchen, bathroom, bedroom) in order to put the house on the market.

Ha. That got your attention, didn't it?

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